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Single Origin – Caquetá

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Single Origin – Caquetá

100% Colombian


It stretches from the eastern mountain range toward the departments of the Amazonas and Guaviare in the southeast, is almost flat and covered with rainforest. Besides the eastern mountain range, other important elevations in the Amazon plains area are Cumare hill and the Araracuara mountain range.

The department’s total area is 88,965 square kilometers and borders the departments of Meta, Huila, Cauca, Guaviare, Amazonas and Putumayo. Its capital is Florencia.

There are plenty of rivers, such as the Caquetá, Caguán, Orteguaza, Yarí and Apaporis. In some cases these rivers play an important role as methods of communication.

The department’s current a population is 460,000.

The region is very rich in flora and fauna. The main source of Caquetá’s wealth is livestock, placing fourth in national production. Although its soil is acidic, there are banana, yucca, corn, rubber and sugar cane fields. Wood, medicinal plants and resins are also exploited.

Caquetá is the origin of:

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