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The Department of Córdoba lies along the coast of the Carribean Sea at the north end of Colombia. It is bordered by the departments of Bolívar, Sucre and Antioquia. Its surface covers an area 25,020 square kilometres. It´s capital is Montería and has a population of about 1,390,000 inhabitants.

The department is divided in two large geographical zones. A mountainous zone to the south and a plain conformed by the Sinú and San Jorge valleys to the north.

Its main economic strength is agriculture. Córdoba raises more livestock than any other department in Colombia. Cotton, cacao, coconut and bananas are significant cash crops. Other sources of income include fishing and nickel mines.

One of the important tourist places in Córdoba is Paramillo National Natural Park, which is shared with the department of Antioquia.

Córdoba is the origin of:

  • Premium single-origin Cacao Beans