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Guaviare lies in the northern part of the Colombian Amazonia and borders the departments of Meta, Vichada, Caquetá, Guainía and Vaupés. Its capital is San José del Guaviare

With an area of 42,327 square kilometers, this department has a population of 130,000.

The territory comprises two large regions. In the east, there is the grass-covered plain, which occupies most of the department. In the west, a region called “vega of the river” which is formed by hills, mountain ranges and rivers. The Guaviare is the most important river in this region and serves as a border between the Colombian Orinoquia (Eastern Plains) and the Amazonia (Amazon region).

There are many beautiful and colorful landscapes and the inhabitants produce a great variety of handicrafts. Its wealth lies in agriculture, forestry, fishing and commerce.

Guaviare is the origin of:

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