Arabica Specialty Coffee

Single Origin – Huila | Colombia

Variety: Blend

Process: Washed

Fragrance/Aroma: Caramel, Vanilla

Flavor: Sweet Chocolate, Sugar cane

Cup Score: 83.50

Arabica Specialty Coffee

Single Farm – Huila | Colombia

Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed

Fragrance/Aroma: Chocolate, Sugar Cane, Camomile 

Flavor: Lime, Lemon Balm, Caramel

Cup Score: 84.75


This great south-western Colombian territory, has an area of 19,890 square kilometers with a population of 982.900 inhabitants.

Huila is bordered by Tolima, Cundinamarca, Meta, Caquetá and Cauca. It is located between the Eastern and Central cordilleras (mountain ranges), and crossed by the valley of the Magdalena River, between the two cordilleras. Its capital is Neiva.

Its main geographic features are the Nevado del Huila, the Pan de Azucar snow-covered hill, Las Papas moor and the Colombian massif where the Magdalena River rises.

The Betania Reservoir, built where the Magdalena and Yaguará rivers meet, is of great importance to the country.

The department has a very good farming activity, producing a wide variety of crops such as rice, yucca, corn, sorghum, beans, cotton, potatoes, sesame, tobacco, sugar cane, banana, coffee and cacao.

In the subsoil area it has deposits of petroleum, natural gas, gold, silver, quartz and calcite.

Huila is the origin of:

  • Single-origin Specialty Coffee
  • Single-farm Specialty Coffee