At ALMA we implement the highest standards to handle organic raw materials, through all the supply chain, guaranteeing the delivery of high quality products to final consumers. That’s why we promote the trade of ecological and environmentally friendly raw materials, that guarantee the sustainability of crops over time.

Our current certificates are USDA Organic and EU Organic, provided by ECOCERT.

“Colombia” Country Brand

We carry the “Colombia” country brand (Marca País) with great pride, thus promoting Colombia as one of the world’s food pantries, as it has been promoted by 2030 by The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).


We recognize that one of Colombia’s main opportunities to strengthen rural production is to have an agricultural border of 40 million hectares, of which only 19% is currently used, so that more than 32 million are still available to become trails of agricultural production that energize the field (FAO).